NANT Maestro

Orchestrate your entire device pool from one simple yet powerful software. More efficient. Saves time. Improves the workflow of your organization.

Create and manage users. Design your own custom protocols. Monitor all your ongoing processes. Be actively notified by your devices, when necessary. Keep your data safe and easily accessible. And this is just a glimpse of what NANT Maestro can help you with.


NANT Bioreactors perform cell cultures by executing your automated predetermined sequences of instructions. In fact, operational human intervention is limited to starting the process, confirming checkpoints and finally collecting the cell therapy product.

Protocols allows you to design such completely automated processes, from seeding to harvesting. An intuitive interface guides you in planning and uploading protocols on NANT Bioreactors, saving your time in the programming phase. And with the total flexibility of adjusting all the parameters of your process, you can quickly and directly refine it into perfection.


The status of all your devices. Live. At a glance.

Map allows you to promptly monitor the progress of your ongoing cell cultures without leaving your desk. And conveniently access specific and detailed process information.


Create user accounts for all the operators in your organization, group them in different teams, associate everyone to specific Bioreactors and determine everyone’s access level.

Users/Devices allows all these operations in one convenient place. Create, organize and manage your device pool with one simple click.


At the end of every cell culture, NANT Bioreactors locally store the process data on their hard drive.

Archive allows you to efficiently gather all these data from a centralized interface, and dramatically ease your backup operations.


NANT Bioreactors perform your cell culture processes, from seeding to harvesting, in an automated fashion.

If your presence is required or if something goes wrong, Notify promptly informs you by e-mail and SMS, so you only access the clean room when your intervention is really needed.


Understanding the overall usage of your device pool is key in the perspective of planning your workflow and for optimization analysis.

Stats helps you keeping track of your NANT Bioreactors and Cartridges utilization. So you can efficiently plan your operations accordingly.

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