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VivaBioCell at iCAST 2018

We will be attending the 4th International Congress on Adipose Stem Cell Treatments at iCAST 2018 organized by the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation in Zurich on the 29th May 2018! Prof. Francesco Curcio, Founder of VivaBioCell, will give a talk entitled: "Regenerative medicine in osteoarthritis: overcoming cell-product manufacturing hurdles with the automated NANT 001 System". Attendees will also have a chance to learn more on the NANT 001 System by stopping by at our booth. Be there!

VivaBioCell at World Advanced Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Congress 2018

Come and meet us by Stand 42 at The World Advanced Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Congress 2018 (London, 16-18 May), to learn more on how VivaBioCell can support you in developing small- to mid-scale batch size products with innovative automated solutions for cell-based and and cell-derived product manufacturing!

VivaBioCell Webinar on Cell and Gene Therapy Insights

On 8th March 2018 (07:00 PST; 10:00 EST; 15:00 GMT; 16:00 CET) VivaBioCell will be presenting a live webinar about "Meeting scalability challenges for autologous cell-based manufacturing with automated closed-system solutions", which will be hosted by Cell and Gene Therapy Insight, a platform designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders across the global cell and gene therapy community. Go to the event page to learn more and register for free!

Meet VivaBioCell at the CIBIO Career Day - University of Trento

We are glad to meet talented biotechnology students for career opportunities - and to present our mission and vision in the context of the interface between biology, technology and market - at the CIBIO (Center for Integrative Biology) Career Day, University of Trento, on March the 14th 2018 (1.15pm: company presentation; 2-6pm: interviews with students and careers opportunity discussion).

Meet us at EURO BIO HIGH TECH 2017 forum in Trieste!

VivaBioCell will participate to the Euro Bio High Tech 2017 forum, the most important event devoted to the biomedical sector, biotechnology and bioinformatics in the Alpe Adria area, which will take place in Trieste, at the Palazzo dei Congressi in the Maritime Station, from 21 to 22 September 2017.

On Thursday the 21st, at 10.30, we will illustrate the SISICOR project, as well as the NANT 001 bioreactor system, which will be available for display at our stand. We are looking forward to meet all interested subjects!


We are happy our abstract “A novel automated, closed system solution for simple, de-risked and cost-effective autologous ATMP manufacturing: the NANT 001 bioreactor” has been selected for a poster presentation at ESGCT and DG-GT Collaborative Congress in Berlin, during the session on Thursday 19th October.

Come and talk to us if you’re attending and would like to learn more about VivaBioCell and our technology!

ARTE Project - Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020

VivaBioCell is a beneficiary of A.R.T.E. (Advanced Regenerative Therapies Ecosystem), a project approved under the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020.

The common challenge of the ARTE Project within the EU-Financed INTERREG V-A Italy Slovenia Programme, is to contribute to make the cross-border area become a Reference Point in the European ecosystem for innovative therapies and regenerative medicine. Regenerative Medicine is a strategic priority in the Horizon 2020 Program financed by the European Commission.

The General Objective of ARTE is to strengthen the cooperation among Italian and Slovenian actors such as hospitals and clinics, research centres, SMEs, Technology Parks and private investors in this key sector.

ARTE is formally endorsed by the Central Directorate for Health - Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy and the Nacionalni inštitut za za javno zdravje - National Institute of Public Health, Slovenia.

ARTE will focus on a nearly-commercial innovative therapy for OA (Osteoarthrosis). The Sponsors have completed pre-clinical and clinical studies, and over a period of 4 years, have treated above 900 patients with excellent safety and efficacy, utilizing undifferentiated, expanded, MSC (Mesenchymal Stem Cells) collected from Bone Marrow. Several scientific papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

The Project Partners are also very interested to implement other therapies (e.g. using MSC harvested from Adipose tissue) that are near commercialization. Particularly those developed with the support of H2020 and other programmes of the EC, in line with the institutional objective of the Commission “to create multi-disciplinary research teams with a "European" stamp in order to attain the indispensable size known to experts as critical mass".

The Scope of ARTE includes activities such as : clinical trials (Italy and Slovenia); collaboration with 3 research centers / hospitals; transfer and training of clinical and biological protocols; involvement of 2 biomedical networks; adoption of an automated mini-bioreactor (Project Partner VivaBioCell Italy) to help make the novel OA therapy affordable, standardized and scalable, reaching a much higher number of patients; involvement of SMEs for the further development of innovative products / services.

The final results in the Programme area are: a) to prime entrepreneurial growth in the fast-growing global market for regenerative medicine and b) to help innovative therapies that have proven safety and efficacy become much more widespread and available at leading hospitals in Slovenia and Italy.

Project partners are:

LP: TEHNOLOŠKI Park Ljubljana d.o.o. (SLO)

PP2: Ortopedska bolnišnica Valdoltra (SLO) – Public Orthopedic Hospital

PP3: Univerza v Ljubljani (Fakulteta farmacijo ZA) (SLO) – Faculty of Pharmacy

PP4: VivaBioCell S.p.A. (IT)

PP5: ASUIUD – Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Integrata Udine (IT) – Public University Hospital Udine

PP6: Biovalley Investments S.p.A. (IT)

VivaBioCell at PARIS REGMED 2017

VivaBioCell is proud to announce that it will attend PARIS REGMED 2017, the 1st European matchmaking event in the field of regenerative medicine – held in Paris next week on 7th July.

We will give a short presentation on our NANT 001 bioreactor system during the afternoon session: “Presentation of key International ecosystems in the field: presentation of clusters and regenerative medicine stakeholders”.

NANT 001 at The World Advanced Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Congress

VivaBioCell will present its novel NANT 001 bioreactor system with the talk: “Automated Systems for Autologous ATMP Manufacturing: Quality Considerations” at 16:20 on day 2 of The World Advanced Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Congress, organised by Terrapin and held in London from 16th to 18th May 2017.

Come and talk to us if you’re attending and would like to learn more about VivaBioCell!


VivaBioCell is a beneficiary of SISICOR (Sistema Implantare per la Stabilità immediata di impianto in Chirurgia Orale di Ricostruzione), a project approved under the POR FESR 2014-2020 Friuli Venezia Giulia.


SISICOR: nuovo Sistema Implantare per la Stabilità immediata di impianto in Chirurgia Orale di Ricostruzione

Contributo finanziato € 252.856,15 (DGR n. 849/2016. Pratica n. 24140/2016)

Data di avvio: 01 Febbraio 2017. Data prevista di conclusione: 31 Maggio 2018.

Descrizione. Il progetto "SISICOR" intende intraprendere una complessa attività, finalizzata ad un radicale avanzamento degli attuali sistemi implantari e protesici. Verranno ricercate "nuove soluzioni di implantologia e protesica dentale, in abbinamento a scaffold (strutture) in grado di accrescere la proliferazione delle cellule staminali per la rigenerazione del tessuto osseo maxillofacciale" per soddisfare le diverse esigenze cliniche (es. completa edentulia, condizioni post estrattive, traumatologia) con attenzione agli aspetti clinici del processo pre e post implantare, alle procedure chirurgiche digitali e di produzione personalizzata 3D.

Obiettivo. L'obiettivo finale è quello di identificare delle soluzioni integrate (scaffold + sistemi di ancoraggio + sistemi protesici) capaci di garantire un'ottima interazione tra l'osso e l'impianto e tra i tessuti molli ed il moncone protesico, riducendo al minimo il rischio di tasche perimplantari profonde ed accorciando notevolmente i tempi necessari al ripristino delle normali funzioni. In particolare si vogliono sviluppare degli impianti innovativi che consentano una procedura chirurgica "a carico immediato" a prescindere dalla qualità dell'osso ove sono posti. Inoltre si intende sviluppare una metodologia innovativa per favorire l'accrescimento osseo e ripristinare la qualità necessaria alla stabilità dell'impianto.

Risultati. Al termine dell'intervento ci si aspetta di ottenere soluzioni per nuovi prodotti di implantologia e protesica che permettano all'utilizzatore finale di affrontare e di risolvere in modo efficace delle problematiche chirurgiche importanti quali: l'applicazione di impianti "a carico immediato"; il recupero di situazioni post-estrattive gravi; il recupero di situazioni traumatologiche importanti. Ci si propone di fornire degli strumenti flessibili e che permettano al chirurgo di affrontare in modo immediato ed efficace diverse tipologie di intervento, incrementando la percentuale di successo e riducendo lo stress sul paziente.

Los Angeles, California – June 22, 2015

NANTCELL acquires VivaBioCell to develop automated “GMP-in-a-box” for next generation large scale cell culture and tissue engineering.

NantCell, a subsidiary of NantWorks, LLC, a company focused on the discovery and development of disease treatments through innovative, cell- based therapies at the molecular level, announced today that VBC Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of NantWorks, has completed the acquisition of privately held VivaBioCell SpA, a leading biotechnology company, located in Udine Northern Italy. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“With the acquisition of VivaBioCell, we have added novel and complementary cell culture capabilities and extended our geographic footprint,” said Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, founder of NantCell. “For nearly a decade, the team at VivaBioCell has been focused on discovering and developing therapies that utilize stem cell and tissue engineering for regenerative medicine. Bringing the two organizations together strengthens NantCell’s capabilities in tissue engineering and cell culture capabilities.”

“We are thrilled to be combining forces with NantCell,” said Prof. Francesco Curcio, President and CSO of VivaBioCell. “I have collaborated with Dr. Soon-Shiong for over 20 years in the field of stem cell research and integrating with NantCell is the culmination of our many years working together in this field. The mission, culture and leadership team of both companies blend well, creating an ideal atmosphere for collaboration and continued scientific discovery.”

VivaBioCell’s automated “GMP-in-a-Box” medical devices enable safe, efficacious, standardized and affordable medical treatments by creating a next generation tissue engineering manufacturing capability. Current applications include developing stem cell for the treatment of osteoarthritis as well as bone regeneration for dental /maxillofacial reconstruction. This automated “GMP-in-a-Box” system will be utilized to develop next generation manufacturing for immune cells utilized in the treatment of cancer such as natural killer cells.

As part of the transaction, NantCell also acquired VivaBioCell’s diagnostic product, capable of identifying patients with systemic sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus.

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