VivaBioCell S.p.A.

Next-generation cell and
tissue engineering therapies

NANTCELL acquires VivaBioCell to develop automated “GMP-in-a-box” for next generation large scale cell culture and tissue engineering.

Los Angeles, California – June 22, 2015 — NantCell, a subsidiary of NantWorks, LLC, a company focused on the discovery and development of disease treatments through innovative, cell-based therapies at the molecular level, announced today that VBC Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of NantWorks, has completed the acquisition of privately held VivaBioCell SpA, a leading biotechnology company, located in Udine, Northern Italy. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

«With the acquisition of VivaBioCell, we have added novel and complementary cell culture capabilities and extended our geographic footprint», said Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, founder of NantCell.

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Medicine is entering a new phase: cells have become living drugs

To regenerate and repair damaged tissues and organs, our automated GMP-in-a-box devices enable safe, efficient, standardized and affordable medical treatments by creating a next generation cell and tissue engineering manufacturing capability.

Current applications include Osteoarthritis therapy and Bone regeneration for dental/maxillofacial reconstruction and implants. Our Technology Platform will also be applied to develop breakthrough manufacturing of immune cells utilized in the treatment of cancer such as natural killer cells.

Osteoarthritis therapy is already available in dogs

To date, 100+ dogs have been treated with outstanding and long-lasting results.

Our AutoCARE therapy (Autologous Cell Amplification and Reimplantation) is easy and safe and only requires the collection of a small amount of adipose tissue. We extract, select and amplify stem cells which are then reimplanted into the articulation.

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International Awards

Altran Technology Transfer Prize, 2013

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European Venture Contest, 2012

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ESA Investment Forum, 2012

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